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Advantages of the Master Lock 101 Laminated Steel Padlock

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The Master Lock 101 Laminated Steel Padlock has a 3-1/4in wide lock body, 5/16in shackle, and a dual locking mechanism that prevents prying and drilling. This type of padlock is ideal for applications requiring a wide span. It also features a 5-pin W27 cylinder, making it a great option for general-purpose use. Listed below are some of the advantages of this lock.

The laminated steel padlock is a durable and long-lasting lock. It features a hardened steel shackle and a rust-resistant finish. The lock comes with two keys, one for each lock. The shackles are double-sharpened for extra security. The cylinder is a five-pin, keyed-alike combination. This type of padlock is recommended for applications that require security in a variety of environments.

The 41 Laminated Steel Series of padlocks offers a balance between security and safety requirements. It is made of high-quality recycled steel and has steel body plates individually coated with non-hazardous cadmium-free plating. In addition, the lubrication is FDA approved for use in the food industry. Colored vinyl bumpers are available for easy identification. The safety lock is a perfect choice for Lockout/Tagout.

The laminated steel padlock is an excellent choice for many security applications. Its hardened steel shackle provides maximum protection against prying. The ABUS Laminated Steel Series is a great option if you need a combination lock for safety. It is also weather-resistant and rustproof. A combination lock is best for outdoor applications, since it prevents multiple thieves from opening the lock. The 41 Laminated Padded Steel Padlock is ideal for outdoor use.

The Laminated Steel Padlock is a sturdy and secure option for outdoor uses. Its double-shackle and shackle are reinforced with steel, so it will resist prying. The padlock has two keys, one for each lock. Both locks are keyed alike, which makes it ideal for both outdoor and indoor use. Its laminated steel shackle is rust-proof, which makes it a perfect option for outdoor uses.

The Laminated Steel Padlocks are strong, resistant to rust, and have double locking shackles to ensure maximum security. This type of lock is ideal for exterior and interior uses. Its hardened steel shackle will resist prying and cutting. A double-locking mechanism will prevent the lock from being cut off while it is in use. Its precision 5-pin brass cylinder will withstand the extreme weather elements.

A double-locking padlock is a good choice for outdoor and indoor uses. Its double-shackle design means that the lock cannot be opened if the shackle of the lock is cut. This makes it an excellent option for a variety of applications, including garages, sheds, and gym lockers. Additionally, it's suitable for bike locks, garden tools, and other types of outdoor items.


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