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  • The most important aspect of a home is its security and the best way to achieve maximum security is by installing Kid Klock products. These products have been designed especially for parents who are at a risk of their child being left out of the house unsupervised or unattended. There are many safet


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  • In addition to security, one of the benefits of using a small brass padlock is that it is very practical. Small sized brass knobs and pulls are perfect for use in combination with various types of locks and security systems. Since brass is quite a heavy metal, it will ensure added strength and durab


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  • Aluminum door locks come in several designs that all work very well. They are affordable and easy to install. They can secure the house with the use of keys, if desired. It is great for single doors or double doors. The main benefits of this type of lock is that it is economical, durable, easy to ma


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  • A cylinder lock is a type of lock that increases the problem of unlocking a door with a conventional key by requiring that an already rotated cylinder be held closed within a very tight space in the locking mechanism. Also called a bump key, this type of lock can also be called a pass-through lock a


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  • A combination lock is an extremely common type of locking mechanism in which a series of alphabets, typically numbers, are used in order to open the door. These devices can be operated with one key or may require two or more keys. The combination of keys used to unlock the door depends on the combin


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  • A combination padlock is an example of a keyed combination lock, where a series of alphanumeric characters, usually digits, are used instead of a key to open the door. There are various types of combination locks and they can be found in a variety of applications including automobile doors, safety d


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  • For security purposes, using a Stainless Steel Padlock is one of the best ways to secure your home or business. There are many different types of locks available today such as: deadbolts, which are one of the oldest forms of lock, and are commonly used on commercial and residential properties, and t


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  • The Laminated Steel Padlock has been plated with a heavy duty galvanized finish to ensure its strength. The galvanized bumpers prevent rust from forming, thereby protecting against moisture and water damage. The blue bumper additionally protects the steel lock from scaring while the lock is in place


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  • Heart shaped locks are very unique and add an element of class to any home. Love Locks is an old custom whereby lovers or partners' names, initials or even symbols, are etched or written on a wooden lock, and then they are attached to a post, fence, rail, or other public structure by happy, loyal, l


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  • The Blade Lock is an innovative safety device which holds a typical single edged razor blade securely in place on your clothes, tool pooch, work area or anywhere that a razor blade is required. The razor blade is safely accessed quickly and easily without the need for additional holsters, caps or re


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