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  • The gallium in a lock picker can melt away aluminum in as little as an hour. The result is an oblong padlock that is a lot easier to open. But how do lockpickers work with this material? First, you need to pick it up with bare hands. But you won't have to break the padlock to find out the secret of


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  • If you want to re-key your lock, you should learn how to select the correct cylinder and key combination. The two components of a lock are separate, so it's easy to replace the one with a new one. There are six tiny pins in the shafts of the lock cylinder. The shafts have notches that line up with t


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  • Master lock combination the one that controls access to all the drawers and doors in your home. They are used on most locks in domestic properties. They are normally on walls, windows, doors and safes. You may know them by another name; they are sometimes called "master keys".Before you try to chang


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  • A padlock combination is an inexpensive way of securing all your important outdoor possessions. If you have just started to look around the house for all the items that you can put a lock on, you might notice how much easier it has become. You are no longer limited to buying padlocks in sets of thre


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  • From the leading manufacturer Stanley's 24/7 Professional Grade Hardened Steel Padlock provides high quality, high security protection. The steel body makes it almost impenetrable offering maximum security and peace of mind no matter the work, project, or applications. With its three steel tungsten-


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  • The most important aspect of a home is its security and the best way to achieve maximum security is by installing Kid Klock products. These products have been designed especially for parents who are at a risk of their child being left out of the house unsupervised or unattended. There are many safet


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  • In addition to security, one of the benefits of using a small brass padlock is that it is very practical. Small sized brass knobs and pulls are perfect for use in combination with various types of locks and security systems. Since brass is quite a heavy metal, it will ensure added strength and durab


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  • Aluminum door locks come in several designs that all work very well. They are affordable and easy to install. They can secure the house with the use of keys, if desired. It is great for single doors or double doors. The main benefits of this type of lock is that it is economical, durable, easy to ma


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  • A cylinder lock is a type of lock that increases the problem of unlocking a door with a conventional key by requiring that an already rotated cylinder be held closed within a very tight space in the locking mechanism. Also called a bump key, this type of lock can also be called a pass-through lock a


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  • A combination lock is an extremely common type of locking mechanism in which a series of alphabets, typically numbers, are used in order to open the door. These devices can be operated with one key or may require two or more keys. The combination of keys used to unlock the door depends on the combin


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