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Stainless Steel Padlocks

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Stainless steel padlocks are strong and durable locks that provide high levels of security. They are often used for industrial applications, commercial buildings, and marine equipment.

Several types of padlocks are available, including combination locks, laminated locks, and locks with keyless features. Combination padlocks use a metal "can" with three tumblers inside connected to a dial on the front of the lock. The tumblers are triggered when the correct combination is entered. These are easy to open, but they are not ideal for use outdoors because they can fill up with rain water and rust.

Laminated padlocks are a more secure option than combination locks, and they come with a magnetic key fob that unlocks the lock. These locks are also more affordable than other padlocks and are often made from a brass body that resists rusting.

These locks are often more difficult to cut than a standard padlock because of their specialized design. They may have a concealed shackle, and they are usually made from hardened or boron alloy steel that is much more resistant to bolt-cutters.

A few stainless steel padlocks are made with a cylinder that is not vulnerable to traditional lock picking techniques. These are called hybrid locks and they offer the convenience of a keyless cylinder while allowing users to set sophisticated audit trails or have remote locking/unlocking options.

They are not as common in North America as they are in other parts of the world, but there are some stainless steel padlocks on the market for use by commercial locksmiths. They can be easily purchased at most hardware stores.

If you need a padlock that has more protection against pick and bump attacks, choose one with a disc-tumbler key locking mechanism. Those that have eleven discs will be harder to pick than those with seven.

Many of these locks have a strike plate that is attached to the door frame. They are more difficult to remove and can be a great investment for a secure building or storage facility.

The ABUS Granit(tm) 37ST/55 is one of the most secure padlocks in the world, and it has been designed for use in harsh environments. It has a stainless steel body and shackle to withstand the most extreme conditions.

This padlock is a great choice for securing corrosive sites such as power plants, water treatment plants, and waste disposal facilities. It has been tested to a CEN 4 (SSFN Class 3) level of security and meets the requirements for a safe lock in industrial areas that have corrosive contaminants.

Despite the fact that the stainless steel used in these locks is tough and resistant to corrosion, it does require some maintenance and cleaning to keep it looking its best. This is to prevent any residue from contaminating the lock.

There are several types of coatings that can be used to protect the surfaces of locks from rust. These treatments are chemically oxidized, electroplated, or sprayed onto the metals. These treatments are anti-corrosive, improve the appearance of a lock, and increase its durability.


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