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Square Type Atom Padlock

3 nickel-plated atomic iron keys (smooth plug and unplug),2 steel balls to prevent prying, safer

Chrome-plated square iron lock body, chrome-plated iron lock beam

Gold-plated / chrome-plated / matt-plated surface treatment is optional

3 nickel-plated atomic iron keys (smooth plug and unplug)

2 steel balls to prevent prying, safer

The copper lock core and copper bullets have maximum corrosion resistance to provide greater safety protection

Different packages are available

A nickel-plated padlock can be purchased today at home improvement stores and even on the Internet. They offer a choice of different finishes including satin nickel, oil rubbed bronze, brushed nickel, chrome plated, and also a shield that are made of brass with a shield plate. The lock can either be a keyed or non-keyed padlock with a key duplicate for added security. There are several models of these locks, including single cylinder, double cylinder, dead bolt, and combination. Each model offers different options and is suitable for a variety of door openings.

The padlock comes with a steel shaft and keyed and non-keyed varieties are available in different lengths. The length of the key can be anywhere from three to nine inches. The thickness of the metal can vary from one piece all the way through to multi-layer thickness materials that are cold rolled to perfection. Nickel coated balls are used in making the hot selling finger sprinner relieve stress fidget toys zinc alloy reduce stress and tension and to provide you with a safe way to keep your children safe.


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