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Shackle Protected Iron Padlock

Solid square half-clad iron lock body, chrome-plated iron lock,Gold-plated / chrome-plated / matt-plated surface treatment is optional

Solid square half-clad iron lock body, chrome-plated iron lock

Gold-plated / chrome-plated / matt-plated surface treatment is optional

3 atomic nickel-plated iron keys are safer

The copper lock core and copper bullets have maximum corrosion resistance to provide greater safety protection

Different packages are available

The Atomic Half clad Beam Iron Padlock has a long history of use in many industries, including the aerospace and defense, military, communications, power generation, oil and gas, chemical processing, and the petroleum refining and coal production industries. Many of these industries rely heavily on the ability to control access points, which the Half-clad Beam Iron Padlock allows through its dual locking and unlocking mechanism. It is designed with an open source trunnion that has an inner metallic sleeve that has an epoxy liner. This type of sleeve allows for a higher flow rate and also means that the materials can be superheated for a longer period of time before they contract.

The open source trunnion design of the Half-clad Beam Iron Padlock allows it to be locked with a half of a plate. As such, it is able to withstand tremendous pressures while keeping its ability to unlock or to close. This feature allows it to be used as a key lock, a deadbolt lock, or a combination lock. The lock has a double disc configuration, with each disc having a pair of distinct locking positions. The base of the lock has been designed to be compatible with an optional electromagnetic lock pad.

The Half-clad Beam Iron Padlock can be purchased from a number of sources. Most manufacturers stock the product direct from the manufacturer, which often gives customers some of the best prices available. Some suppliers offer to ship the locks quickly and efficiently, and in some cases, they can even do the installation for customers. Most distributors of the Half-clad Beam Iron Padlock will provide customers with the necessary information on how to install the product. In fact, many manufacturers include installation instructions in their packaging.


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