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Protect Your Home Or Business With an Abloy Padlock

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An ABLOY padlock can be used on storage doors, gates, windows, and more. The ABLOY PL341 Brass Padlock has a 25mm steel shackle that is hardened for durability. The shackle is made from hardened boron steel and has a diameter of 10 mm. It also features a patented, double-bolt design for added security.

These durable, high-security locks feature case-hardened steel bodies and are designed to withstand tough environments. This series of lock is available with a range of different cylinders, including ABLOY PROTEC and Disklock Pro. These lock models come with a lifetime warranty for unbeatable security. You can trust that your home or business is secure with an ABLOY padlock. Its rugged construction and high security features make it ideal for outdoor use.

ABLOY padlocks are manufactured in Finland and feature case-hardened boron steel shackles to provide maximum resistance to physical attacks. These locks are extremely reliable as they do not contain any parts that can jam. ABLOY padlocks have passed rigorous environmental corrosion resistance tests and are widely used by governmental and industrial users around the world. They are also available in key-retaining systems that can be used to keep sensitive or unsecured goods safe.

Another feature of Abloy locks is their ability to self-clean. There are no exposed springs or areas for dirt and other debris to accumulate. Furthermore, Abloy locks are engineered to withstand extreme environmental conditions, such as snow, ice, and rain. The company offers a line of padlocks called Super Weather Proof (SWP) that offers superior protection against salt, water, and dirt. So, no matter where you're planning to store your keys, you can be confident that your home is secure. And it will be protected with an Abloy padlock.

Abloy's PL330 Brass Padlock is a high-quality lock with a 25mm steel shackle and is corrosion-resistant. Designed to withstand extreme physical abuse, Abloy Protec2 PL330 Brass Padlocks can be keyed alike or different to fit any security situation. These locks can be keyed into other Protec locks as well. Abloy padlocks come with keys, but there's no need to worry about losing them.

If you're looking for extra keys, you'll need to order a set of key inserts that correspond with the lock you're purchasing. Abloy also makes a wide variety of key indicators. Some even come with plastic key heads. A plastic key head does not interfere with the color indicator dots on the key. You can also order additional keys if you have more than one lock, or you can buy duplicates of each key.


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