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Plastic Painted Iron Padlock

The surface of the iron lock body is sprayed with black plastic, waterproof and environmentally friendly

The surface of the iron lock body is sprayed with black plastic, waterproof and environmentally friendly

The logo can be printed on the metal sheet on the front of the lock body or the logo can be pressed on the front of the lock body

2 waterproof rubber bands can be added to the chrome lock beam

Copper core / half copper core / iron core are available

Copper bullets provide maximum corrosion resistance to provide greater safety protection

For specifications above 32mm, you can choose a copper double tongue to be safer

Nickel-plated iron key

Different packages are available

Iron padlocks are often used on commercial properties such as warehouses, factories and storage sheds in order to keep the gates closed. A good quality plastic padlock is not very difficult to install; in fact it can be installed by one person in under an hour with a little bit of basic DIY knowledge. If you have never attempted to install an iron padlock before then you should have someone to help you and if you have installed padlocks in the past then they should be able to guide you through the process with ease. Iron is a very strong material to work with when it comes to padlocks and if you use too much force then it is possible that you could damage the steel wire that runs through the door. If you decide to use plastic instead of metal then it is possible to cut a sliver of plastic to fit into the hole in the door and this will often reduce the amount of effort that you have to use in order to install the lock.

One of the best things about working with iron is that it is very easy to strip away sections of the metal and then fit a matching plastic piece in its place, which means that your iron padlock is now fit to a padlock and no longer has the potential to damage the door. If you choose to use plastic instead of metal then it is also possible to buy pre-drilled holes to use in your door which means that you do not need to drill the steel mesh which is common with many types of door lock. Pre-drilled holes are also usually less expensive than those that have to be drilled from scratch.

Once you have completed your padlock, it is important that you treat it well in order to prevent rust from forming. If you leave your plastic sprayed iron lock in direct sunlight for too long then you risk the material being damaged. You should also make sure that you clean the surface of your lock on a regular basis to get any dirt or food particles off the surface and to prevent rust forming. If you are using wrought iron then you can clean the surface of the lock using a mild detergent, if it is made from plastic then a commercial cleaner may be suitable. Before you actually use the plastic sprayed iron guard you should give it a thorough cleaning using a wire brush to remove any dirt and then an alkaline solution will help to get rid of any rusting.


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