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Old Brass Padlock

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An old brass padlock can be the perfect item to decorate a vintage jewelry box or even to secure a safe deposit box. This lock is made of brass and has a rusted steel key that still works. The key is one-quarter inch long. If you want to use an old brass padlock as a jewelry clasp, it can be found at antique shops and thrift stores. These locks are also great for antique jewelry boxes.

Before you buy an old brass padlock, you should check the shape and metal of the lock. You may be able to tell a lot about the padlock's history by looking at the inscriptions on the lock. If the lock is of a particular make or age, you can determine this by the company's name. Likewise, you can determine whether an old lock was made by a company. If the padlock is made of a different material, the case can be forged to withstand the wear and tear.


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