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Nickel Plated Arc Type Padlock

Iron lock body plated with matt surface treatment

Iron lock body plated with matt surface treatment

Copper core / half copper core / iron core are available

Copper bullets provide maximum corrosion resistance to provide greater safety protection

For specifications above 32mm, you can choose a copper double tongue to be safer

You can choose the conventional one-word key / cross key / computer key

Different packages are available

Matte plated Iron Padlock: Made from strong alloy, the matte-plated iron lock is the best among other types of metal locks. The metal is not polished so there is a slight blackening on the surface. The locking mechanism is made up of a steel cylinder with a spring and an iron core. There is a slot in the center of the steel cylinder that is opened and fitted with the pin to hold the padlock tightly. This type of locking system works very effectively to secure any door, even if the pin used to operate the locking mechanism is not very strong.

Matte-plated iron lockets are made by many different manufacturers. The manufacturers use different alloy to produce the iron lockets. The plating is done in bright colors so that it looks attractive and the iron core has the capability to resist rust so that the metal does not corrode. This makes this type of iron padlock ideal for both interior and exterior applications.

The iron-based padlocks are very durable and long lasting. They do not rust easily and they have the capability of enduring even extreme weather conditions. They work very fast as well. In fact, these types of iron locks can be ready to go for only a few hours. The manufacturers ensure that the security offered by the iron-based padlock is not compromised by rust or any other environmental factors. It ensures a level of security even after the lock has been stripped of its pin.

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