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Master Lock Brass Padlock

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A master lock brass padlock is a great option for many situations. Featuring a two-inch laminated brass body, it is highly resistant to corrosion and is ideal for harsh environments. Its 3-/8in shackle offers excellent cut and pry resistance and is equipped with a dual ball bearing locking system for maximum security. In addition, the lock features a 4-pin W1 cylinder for added security against picking and drilling.

A classic Master Lock brass padlock is a durable security solution that features a solid brass body, diamond-shaped design, and brushed finish. It is ideal for residential gates, toolboxes, garages, and residential fences. The padlock also includes a Lifetime Warranty for added peace of mind.

This brass padlock is keyed alike and features a two-inch (51mm) wide shackle. Its locking mechanism includes a 4-digit dial that has ten thousand combinations. The padlock is available with or without a core. It also features 16 Small Format interchangeable core keyways.


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