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Interchangeable Core Locksets

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Unlike traditional locks, interchangeable core locksets are designed to allow non-technical personnel to easily change a core without the use of professional locksmith tools. Interchangeable core locks are an excellent tool for property owners, particularly those who own commercial or residential properties. They also allow businesses to quickly rekey doors when an employee reports a lost key.

Interchangeable cores are manufactured by a number of companies, including Schlage, Arrow, Medeco, Cal-Royal, Hager, and General Lock. Each of these manufacturers produces different product types. The majority of interchangeable cores feature loose key protection. This means that the extra length of the key never enters the locking mechanism. This protects against duplication but does not give the key protection from other locksmiths.

Typically, an interchangeable core lock consists of a figure 8 shaped key core embedded within a cylinder. The core is held in place by a sleeve-based lug, which also holds a special control key. This key is used to remove the core from the lock, and insert the core into a new cylinder. The core can be returned to the maintenance storage, and then rekeyed at a workshop.

Interchangeable cores are typically manufactured with six or seven pins. These pins offer more latitude, and are faster to rekey. However, they also require more cores than a standard cylinder. Because of this, a larger number of interchangeable cores may be required. However, if the locks in your facility are used often, this may be the best choice for you.

Most interchangeable cores feature loose key protection, which deters duplication but does not offer key protection from other locksmiths. This means that when a key is lost, a property owner must either rekey the entire lock or replace the core. This can be labor-intensive and can result in a big bill.

The majority of interchangeable cores are designed to be quickly rekeyed in the field, without a technician. Using a step change key, the lock pins can be changed nine to twelve times. In addition, the keys are machined to fit a smaller five pin system configuration. During rekeying, a control key is used to remove the core and insert the new one. The control key rotates 15 degrees clockwise to retract the lug. The lug is then turned in the opposite direction to lock the door.

The interchangeable core lock was developed in the early 1900s by a maintenance man who wanted to develop a key core that could be removed from lock hardware with a key. This concept was patented by Frank Best.

Today, the Best/Falcon concept still meets the needs of commercial facilities. These interchangeable cores are produced by Arrow, Best, Falcon, Hager, Medeco, and Schlage. These cores are available in small and large formats. The small-format interchangeable cores are manufactured by Best and Falcon, while the large-format interchangeable cores are manufactured by Arrow and Schlage. These types of locks are typically used in commercial spaces. They are also great tools for locksmiths.


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