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Installing a Heart Shaped Lock Diary Key Holder

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Heart shaped locks are very unique and add an element of class to any home. Love Locks is an old custom whereby lovers or partners' names, initials or even symbols, are etched or written on a wooden lock, and then they are attached to a post, fence, rail, or other public structure by happy, loyal, loving couples & they throw the key in to symbolise their unending love for each other. There is such a feeling that by merely looking at the lock, you can sense their affection, love, devotion and adoration for each other. It may be for long-term relationships, or just a special friendship that will last a lifetime. No matter the reason, we as home owners need to make sure our locks are safe, so we can feel secure in our homes and have some peace of mind.

One way to make sure our hearts shaped locks remain safe, is by attaching a padlock with a heart shaped design, either to our key hole, or to our padlock door handle. If we have a keyhole, it is better to use the padlock, than the actual key, so if we do have the actual key, can use the padlock instead to strengthen the padlock, and then attach the heart shaped lock diary lock to it. Another way to strengthen the padlock, is to use a heart shaped lock diary, & place a very small amount of weight on the heart shaped lock diary, & this will be effective in making sure the lock cannot be easily picked or pulled open. There is also a possibility that someone else might use the same padlock, therefore to keep it secure, we should buy a padlock with a picture on it, perhaps a family portrait or picture of a cherished family member. These are not only sentimental, but it acts as a deterrent too.

To strengthen the padlock, we can place small heart shaped padlock & attach a ring on the other side of the heart shaped padlock, & place a very small amount of weight on the ring, so that the lock can't be easily picked or pulled open. If possible, we can place the actual lock inside of a larger heart shaped lock. In order to attach the lock inside of the heart shaped lock, we can use pliers or a wire cutter. However, before starting to do the cutting, make sure you have enough oil in your hands. If you don't, the cutting mechanism could get damaged.

After you have placed the actual heart shaped lock diary lock key holder, & any other lock accessories that are needed, into the correct areas, we can then drill the holes for attaching the padlock. Remember, we want to make sure we are drilling into the padlock, & not through the paper. For any of us who do not have a key heart lock key holder, drilling through the paper would cause us to have to cut holes in the wall. If this were to happen, we would have no way to gain access to our house.

Once all the holes are drilled through the paper, & the padlock is attached to the padlock, we are good to go. However, if for some reason we have to drill holes into the wall, we have to make sure we have all the correct equipment. A crowbar, & a power drill, & a set of screw drivers, & pliers, & a hammer, are essential.

By following these simple steps, we can install a heart shaped lock inside our house & gain the peace of mind we need. Now there will be no more keys that are in the mix, & the chance of burglary, are slim to none. We will have all the security we need in one easy step. Happy Hunting.


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