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How to Open a Master Lock? Some Simple Tricks That Work in a Crisis

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Master lock combination the one that controls access to all the drawers and doors in your home. They are used on most locks in domestic properties. They are normally on walls, windows, doors and safes. You may know them by another name; they are sometimes called "master keys".

Before you try to change it (usually it needs to be in the closed position), it's wise to check first the manufacturer s documentation or web page on how to reset a master lock combination. This answer was written by one of our trained staff of researchers who validated it for comprehensiveness and accuracy. This also applies if you have lost your key but still have access to your house. The information below is from the Master Lock combo expert s manual.

In case the combination for your door is known, but not used, the first number (first) is called the "first clue". On multi-latch systems like deadbolts, the second number (second) is called the "second clue". In double-cylinder locking systems, the third number (third) is called the "third clue" and so on. It means that you already have an idea what the combination is, even though you don't know the first number.

There are different ways of figuring out the combination. You can use the following methods: using the first and last digit from the door lock dial, using the shackle itself to figure out the combination, using an electronic reading device like an anklet or a strip with the first digit printed on it, etc. You can choose any of these methods depending on your preferences.

Here's another trick for figuring out the combinations using the first number or first letters of the combinations: if you were given a list of all the possible first numbers, and you only need the first one, then just write down the first number that pops up in your memory. The next time you open a door, the lock will be locked with this first number, and so on... Remember, if you're feeling adventurous, you can even try out reverse look-up (check out the resources below). This method may not always work, but it is worth a try. If nothing else works, you can use an electronic reading device.

In case you've forgotten how to use a lock and are at a loss of what to do, don't worry. As long as you know the combination, you should be able to get into the house without any problem. To figure out what the desired combination is, look through the numbers on the lock dials. When you find the desired combination, mark it on the dials. Now, remove the dials and set them aside.


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