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How to Choose an Iron Padlock

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An iron padlock has a robust design and comes in a variety of sizes. They are also durable and weather resistant. However, there are a few things to keep in mind when choosing one. There are many manufacturers of padlocks, but they don't all produce quality products. The key is to choose the padlock that is right for your needs. You may want a padlock to protect valuables such as jewelry, or for securing a door. But you can't afford to settle for a cheap lock, as these can often scratch or dent surfaces.

Security rating guidelines are available from most major manufacturers. Many of them include tests that measure a padlock's tensile strength, as well as its ability to withstand attack. While these measurements are fairly accurate, the ratings do not necessarily correlate to a padlock's actual strength. This means that even the most expensive padlocks aren't always the strongest. A higher security rating may be worth the extra cost, especially if you need to protect a valuable item.

While the most important feature is the ability of the lock to withstand an attack, other factors play a role. For example, if you're using a padlock outdoors, a hardened steel shackle is a must. These are made from drawn mild steel and heat-treated to provide a case-hardened surface. Additionally, they typically come with a shiny chrome finish.

A discus style padlock is a popular choice for securing doors. It has no angular corners, and features a steel plate in front of the cylinder opening. It is generally used in conjunction with a special shrouded discus hasp and staple set.

A thick iron padlock is an excellent choice if you're looking for something that is rugged and tough, but is also easy to use. The boron padlock eye is another feature that is often found on this type of lock. Also, the solid brass pin cylinder and hexagonal hardened steel shackle make for a strong and durable padlock.

However, the security rating of the best iron padlock can be a matter of personal opinion. One of the most impressive padlocks on the market is the Granit, a heavy-duty padlock with a specially black coated cylinder. Another great product is the China Top Security Iron Padlock, which is similar to a door lock.

The best type of padlock for general purposes is the 40mm model. However, if you're looking for a more secure solution, you'll want to invest in a 50/60mm model. And while you can't go wrong with a 20mm lock, the shackle size isn't as crucial as it seems. If you're securing luggage, a 30mm lock is probably your best bet.

The best iron padlocks feature a heavy-duty, solid brass body. The shackle is constructed from hardened steel, which provides extra cutting protection. In addition, a special shrouded discus style hasp and staple set provide additional protection to the shackle.

When shopping for an iron padlock, you may be surprised by the variety of options available. Some are designed for high-security applications, while others are more suitable for outdoor use.


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