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How a Combination Padlock Works

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A combination padlock is an example of a keyed combination lock, where a series of alphanumeric characters, usually digits, are used instead of a key to open the door. There are various types of combination locks and they can be found in a variety of applications including automobile doors, safety doors, access control systems and biometric security devices. The combination of characters that form the key for a combination padlock consists of a group of upper case letters, any number of lower case letters and one to three blank characters. In some cases one or more blank characters may be used to replace a number, however it is not recommended to do so because the result can be very confusing. Any character can be used in place of a number in a combination lock but only lower case letters and spaces are permitted in between the letters for the purpose of preventing the combination from being readily cracked by a key.

One of the most common types of combination padlocks is the master lock. This is the type of combination that opens on its own when a preset time has been passed. Most locks that have a combination feature have a keypad that is used by an adult to enter a pin code or combination into a keyhole located within the locking device. Once the correct entry code is entered then the door automatically opens. Manual combination padlocks require a person to stand directly over the combination to unlock and manually push down on the shackle to manually release the combination.

Biometric combination locks are also commonly used to provide security at airports, railway stations, and other such public areas where an access code is required to gain access. Such combination locks feature a special scanner that reads the biometric data that is imprinted on a person's finger when they are authorized to enter a certain area. Such scanner combinations are not as simple to use as the master lock because they require the person's finger print to be scanned before allowing access to the secured area. Some people that work at airports and other places that require a biometric access code will need to swipe a magnetic bar through a reader installed within the reader. If a match is found with the stored database then the access code is approved and the lock opens.

There are some variations to the combination padlock. For example, some combination padlocks may use a combination of materials such as hardened steel shackle and aluminum or stainless steel shackle. In most cases, these types of combination padlocks require more effort to break than a combination that only uses one material. One factor that affects the pricing of the combination padlock is the strength of the combination. The combination of materials used in the construction of the lock may determine the strength that each of the materials can withstand.

There are also some variations of the combination padlock that utilizes keyless convenience features. Most modern day combination padlocks include a keypad that allows an individual access code to open the locking mechanism. These codes are usually provided as a memory device within the lock itself. As with standard locks, if a key is inserted into the locking mechanism, opening the door, this access code cannot be used again to gain entry into the property.

Some examples of combination locks include combination padlocks used on window and sliding door locks, and dead-bolt locks. Dead-bolts are generally used on homes and commercial properties where there is an increased risk of forced entry. Many home owners, however, choose to use these combination locks for their windows and sliding doors. They are also popular among apartment dwellers and tenants who are concerned about possible break-ins. In these instances, combination locks provide security against forced entry while giving an added layer of security for the property owner.


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