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Hardened Solid Steel Rectangular Padlock

Solid steel lock body, chrome-plated iron lock beam,Gold-plated / chrome-plated / matt-plated / electroplated wire drawing surface treatment is optional

Solid steel lock body, chrome-plated iron lock beam

Gold-plated / chrome-plated / matt-plated / electroplated wire drawing surface treatment is optional

3 nickel-plated computer iron keys/brass keys to choose from (smooth plugging and unplugging)

The copper lock core and copper bullets have maximum corrosion resistance to provide greater safety protection

Anti-violence, anti-pry, for outdoor use

Different packages are available

Computer locks come in many forms these days and one of the more common types of locks are the Thick Steel Computer Corner Locks. The locks themselves are designed to protect your computer and all of its files and programs. They are made from a combination of two pieces of metal, such as a sheet of stainless steel, and then they have a lock on the top that closes over the top of your computer screen. It protects your computer from being stolen and offers you the peace of mind that it is safe from prying eyes and other people. These locks are extremely durable and sturdy, making them an ideal choice for use in a computer or office environment.

Most of these corner computer locks have a slim rectangular design. They are made from a tough and durable stainless steel material, but some models may be available in a round or oval shape. Either way they work well to give you a secure place to store your computer without having to worry about it being stolen. Some models may even offer a hidden key feature, allowing you to lock your computer while you are away from home or office.

When picking out your Thick Steel Computer Rectangular Lock, make sure that the lock has a magnetic backing. This helps to keep it closed in an instance where it might fall down or become stuck on the glass of your computer monitor. A Magnetic Locking System will prevent the lock from becoming opened if it becomes stuck. You can buy Magnetic Locks in most hardware stores and from many online retailers. There are many different styles to choose from, including those with engravings and patterns on the front or sides of the lock itself. You can even get a lock that has a unique shape that will protect your screen and blend in nicely with your desk or office furniture.


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