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Half–sheel Steel Cover Rectangular Padlock

3 nickel-plated computer iron keys/brass keys to choose from (smooth plugging and unplugging)

Solid steel lock body, chrome-plated iron lock beam

Gold-plated / chrome-plated / matt-plated / electroplated wire drawing surface treatment is optional

3 nickel-plated computer iron keys/brass keys to choose from (smooth plugging and unplugging)

The copper lock core and copper bullets have maximum corrosion resistance to provide greater safety protection

Anti-violence, anti-pry, for outdoor use

Different packages are available

A half shell rectangular door lock is a type of deadbolt lock which has a flat front and a rounded back portion. The rounded back portion is where the latch is located, while the flat front portion is where the knob or pull is inserted. It can either be made of a solid piece of metal like all other types or it can be made out of a combination of different materials like glass and plastic. One of the most common types would be the one which is made of plastic.

These types of locks are used in different commercial establishments like restaurants, shopping malls, hospitals, banks, etc. Most homes have them as well but due to the increased misuse and safety concerns, half shell doors are being banned from residential homes. These locks can also be found in residential homes, since they can also be used in combination with other types of deadbolt locks. However, they are not able to be installed in windows.

This type of lock can be bought from many home depots and from some of the leading home builders throughout the United States. It can be purchased directly from the seller or through the Internet. It can either be a lock that is already attached to the door or if you opt to get a do-it-yourself deadbolt then you will need to buy the spring or cable that will be used to operate the lock. You can use a combination lock or a deadbolt if you would like. Once you have these locks, installing them can be very easy since they only require a screwdriver.


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