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Decentered Iron Padlock


A Decentered Iron Padlock is a metal lock that is designed to be used for securing properties of high value. The iron used in the production of such locks comes pre-drilled for use with torsion wrench. A small hole is cut in the center of the padlock body so that a bolt can be fed through it and into the torsion wrench. A nut on top of the padlock allows for a door knob to be turned and locked from the inside of the home.

These locks come with a heavy duty key that is resistant to many different types of break-ins. Many homeowners choose to use these types of locks for protecting their most valuable possessions, especially if they are near their home or have valuables in the home that can be replaced. If you are placing a security system on a property that has a keyless door then this type of lock is not going to be a good choice. The main benefit to using a Decentered Iron Padlock over a traditional deadbolt is the added protection that it provides. These locks have steel strike plates and are quite sturdy. They can withstand being kicked by a burglar or being hit by a pressure washer.

When you are selecting a lock you want to select one that you can afford. There are a number of manufacturers that make this type of lock so it pays to shop around. It is also a good idea to look at the Padlock Manual that comes with the padlock. That will give you a better understanding as to how the lock works and what the proper procedures are when installing the lock. Remember that your home is at stake so you need to take all precautions and install a high quality lock.


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