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Boats Storage Abus Padlock 5301 Golden

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The Boats Storage Abus Padlock 5301 Golden is made from solid brass with a bronze pin tumbler cylinder and bronze springs. It's designed for marine use. It comes in Keyed Alike (KA) and Keyed Alike (LA) models so one key works for multiple locks.

This brass padlock has a 2-inch solid brass body and a 3-inch brass shackle. It has a dual stainless steel ball bearing locking mechanism that resists pulling and prying, and a brass cylinder that is cut and saw resistant. This padlock is also pick resistant, and comes with three keys.

Besides doors and gates, brass padlocks are also used to secure cupboards, cellar windows, and toolboxes. They also work well to secure switchboards, barriers, and gratings. Moreover, the solid brass body prevents corrosion. Weather-proof weather-caps are available to protect the cylinder.


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