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A Look at Three Different Locks Mechanisms

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A cylinder lock is a type of lock that increases the problem of unlocking a door with a conventional key by requiring that an already rotated cylinder be held closed within a very tight space in the locking mechanism. Also called a bump key, this type of lock can also be called a pass-through lock and comes in a number of common styles including key-operated, spring bolt, cylinder and dead bolt. Also available in: thesaurus, Kwikset, Taday, and Kwikset electric locks. In general the cylinder lock features a cylinder that rotates and a deadbolt or a knob that operates a bolt that locks the cylinder from turning. It can also have a manual key release or an electronic keypad.

A keyless entry lock requires only the correct key to unlock the cylinder and can be opened quickly by removing the correct key. It is operated as a normal deadbolt lock with the advantage that it provides an automatic opening on the first attempt to enter the property. However, if the correct key is present, this lock cannot be opened by force or a non-determined number of keys. There is no option to pick the cylinder lock - if you need to gain access to the contents of the property and you have the correct key, you can use your key and gain entry.

The master key option of some locks is designed for use with combination or password codes to allow access to a particular area of the property. However, a master key can only be used to open one door on a house. If a master key is combined with a normal door lock or a dead bolt lock, it provides very limited protection against forced entry. If forced entry is successful, other doors in the house are left unlocked unless the owner chooses to reset the combination or the password. The only way to gain access to all areas of a house is by using the correct combination and a password set in combination with the master key.

A deadbolt lock is also a cylinder lock in its basic form. One side of the lock has a T-shaped bump that forms the side of the cylinder. On each side of the T-shaped bump is a set of tumblers, which are arranged in a diamond pattern. When a door or drawer is latched, these tumblers lift up and push against the cylinder against which they are inserted. When the door or drawer is lifted, the tumblers come down and hold the cylinder shut. The locking mechanism of the cylinder lock then locks the door or drawer shut.

Some modern cylinder locks are manufactured with a double-cylinder design. This design provides security and greater strength than the single-cylinder locks that are available. A double-cylinder lock has a top pin and two pins that slide into the sides of the tumblers. The pins fit tightly against the tumblers, preventing the locksmith from opening them with a standard pick. Double-cylinder locks require special tools to open, but they provide excellent security.

Padlocks have a number of advantages over both cylinder locks and pin tumbler locks. The most obvious advantage is the increased security provided by the lock mechanism. A padlock can be locked or unlocked with a simple turn of a key. The padlock is often used as a way to prevent children from getting into the home or as a way to help a burglar to gain access to a house. These locks can be used on doors or windows without using keys, although they are not recommended for use on driveways or other interior areas where they may be easily picked.


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