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What are the methods for buying copper padlocks?

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The padlock purchase is recommended to choose the padlock with the American key cylinder. It is used for high-end door locks with good quality and high security. The fire-resistant cylinder is used in fire-resistant door locks. It can withstand a high temperature of 975 degrees for 90 minutes. It has good anti-theft performance and is worthwhile select.

Points to note when purchasing door locks are recommended: 1. The lock cylinders of door locks include marble keys, computer keys, magnetic keys, and atomic lock cylinders. Most of the materials are made of copper (the quality is better), but there are many of them. Use zinc alloy (poor quality). Purchasing door locks Choose a lock with more key teeth. Because the more the key teeth, the greater the difference, the lower the mutual opening rate of the lock. 2. The selection of door lock type samples should be based on your own appreciation level and preference. When choosing a door lock, consider the width and thickness of the door frame, and pay attention to choosing a lock with the same opening direction as the door. 3. Investigate the quality of the appearance of the product, whether it is flat and lubricated, including the lock head, lock body, and lock tongue. Whether the handle, the cladding parts and related supporting parts are complete, whether the surface color of the electroplated parts and spray paint parts is bright and uniform, whether there are defects such as blistering, layering, rust, oxidation marks and damage that affect the beauty.

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