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Super b-class lock cylinder price What is the difference between super b-class lock cylinder and c-class lock cylinder

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First, the classification of the lock cylinder

Most of our friends still have a certain understanding of locks, but when it comes to lock cylinders, padlocks are still a bit at a loss. Today I will introduce the classification of lock cylinders. The classification of lock cylinders is generally based on their anti-theft level. From low to high, they can be divided into three categories: A-level lock cylinders, B-level lock cylinders, and super B-level lock cylinders. Today, we will mainly understand the super B level. Lock the cylinder.

Second, what is the super B-class lock cylinder

Speaking of the super B-class lock cylinder, we should all know that its anti-theft performance is the strongest, so how strong can it be called a super B-class lock cylinder? Appraisal by relevant departments, only lock cylinders that cannot be opened by technology or require 270 minutes or more to open can be qualified as super B-class lock cylinders. So what are the advantages of the Super B-class lock cylinder? Let us continue to look down.

3. Introduction to the advantages of super B-class lock cylinder

The marbles inside the general anti-theft lock cylinder can be opened in a short time by someone with a certain skill, while the marbles inside the super B-class lock cylinder are composed of very precise numbered marbles and opposite-sex marbles, even with superb technology. , It is also difficult to move both of these two anti-theft lock cylinders at the same time, so they cannot be opened, and the lock cylinder also adds a lateral inward pressing side post bayonet device, which is difficult to open even with violence.

Fourth, the price analysis of the super B-class lock cylinder

For an anti-theft lock cylinder with such excellent anti-theft performance, I believe that everyone is very excited about it. For this, I must be very curious about the price of the lock cylinder. In fact, the price of this lock cylinder is hard to say, and some The price of the lock cylinder needs several hundred yuan, and some do only need tens of yuan, because there are still many counterfeit products of this type of lock cylinder, so everyone must pay attention when buying, generally better super B grade The price of the lock cylinder is around 200 yuan.

Let's talk about the classification of the lock cylinder first.

The lock core is a component used to control the opening of the lock and is the core part of the lock. Usually people think that the lock cylinder has A, B, C three-stage lock cylinder, but in fact it is not the case. According to GA/T73-1994 "Mechanical Anti-theft Locks": Anti-theft locks are divided into three levels: A, B, and Super B. The C-class country has not yet established a standard. The C-class locks currently on the market are actually Super B-class. Blade lock, C-level lock should be the concept of enterprise self-determination. However, the super B-class lock and the so-called C-class lock must meet the basic requirements of the national B-class lock, that is, the super B-class lock and the C-class lock can be regarded as the B-class lock.

In other words, the C-level lock is just a folk name. It is actually a super B-level lock, which belongs to the B-level lock category, but the anti-theft performance is much stronger than the B-level lock.

The following specifically talk about the characteristics of these three lock cylinders.

Ordinary Class A lock cylinder: Generally, the anti-theft doors installed 10 years ago are all Class A lock cylinders. The key is flat, also called a flat lock, with only double-sided single-row bullet slots. In terms of anti-theft performance, it only takes about two to three minutes to open the lock, and it is faster for experienced hands.

Class B lock cylinder: From the perspective of the key, it is a double-sided double-row bullet slot, which belongs to the safer class of Class B. It takes about 5-20 minutes for a skilled worker to open the lock.

Super Class B lock cylinder: This is a relatively safe level at present. From the perspective of the key, it is generally double-sided and double-row with internal milling grooves, and there is a blade or curve next to it. This type of lock cylinder can be anti-theft for 270 minutes, which is skilled It takes about 2 hours for veterans.

However, according to statistics, more than 50% of users are still using Class A locks. Although some Class A locks are equipped with multiple turns to improve the security of the lock, no matter how many turns, Class A locks are in the hands of thieves. It can still be cracked successfully in tens of seconds, and consumers are urged to replace the safer B-level lock cylinder in time.

Finally, I will introduce to you the matter of changing the lock cylinder.

First, the lock core upgrade does not need to change the entire door, just replace the lock core. Consumers can disassemble the lock cylinder by themselves, and purchase higher-level lock cylinders according to the specifications and models of the disassembled lock cylinders. The lock cylinder can be replaced for normal anti-theft doors.

Secondly, confirm the lock core specifications before replacement. There are many types of anti-theft locks on the market, and the standards are not the same. Consumers should pay attention to the models and specifications of anti-theft locks and replace them one by one. Generally, the appearance and installation dimensions of Class B lock cylinders and ordinary lock cylinders are uniform. However, there are also special anti-theft door locks with different specifications. Consumers should confirm the specifications of the lock cylinder before purchasing.

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