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4 Types Of Residential Steel Security Key Locks

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For security purposes, using a Stainless Steel Padlock is one of the best ways to secure your home or business. There are many different types of locks available today such as: deadbolts, which are one of the oldest forms of lock, and are commonly used on commercial and residential properties, and then there are pin tumblers, which have been around for years and are also used by homeowners for various forms of security. One of the most popular locking systems today is the Padlock. The main benefit to using a padlock over other locks is that the security it provides is stronger and more specialized than most of the other locking systems available.

There are several types of these locks including: A pocketed shackle type of lock, which uses two or more small pins which are secured by metal strips in between the pins. Most of these types of locks are made of galvanized steel, which has a high resistance to rust. A solid stainless steel pin tumbler padlock offers strong security with the highest resistance to harsh weather and extreme conditions.

A rekeyable cylinder lock is designed to be opened with a key that is held within the lock assembly itself. Unlike with a traditional keyed alike padlock, keys cannot be picked through the key hole. It is designed with a solid steel body and a steel lock ring. This type of lock offers an advanced level of security because it is difficult to pick.

The dual ball stainless steel padlock comes in two sizes. These sizes are a) 18-inch wide and b) 18-inch long. These locks require the use of a key that has an added tumbler for security purposes. This type offers increased security over a traditional keyed alike padlock.

Sawing open these locks requires an exceptional craftsmanship. Padlock removal requires a professional tool such as a jigsaw or a power saw. It is essential to replace the key because the sawing action removes the cutting blades that hold the blades in place and the shanks on the lock arm. Sawing opens the lock and provides an entry into the dwelling.

Rekeying involves unscrewing a nut securing the pins inside the lock. The lock can then be replaced with a new one or repaired using a key that was previously destroyed or a key that is no longer available. Padlock rekeying adds another layer of security with the highest resistance to harsh weather and extreme conditions. The diameter stainless steel shackle is the best variety for sowing purposes.


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